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Advantages of having a proper attic ventilation system

Having a genuine ventilation system in your home is an important factor, it complements with roof installation. Proper working attic ventilation allows cool fresh air to enter your attic at your eaves. As well attic ventilation protects area underneath your roof from hot and moist air. Below are listed some of the most common advantages of owning a properly working ventilation system.

No more moisture

Even though you might be living in a warm climate, if your attic has proper ventilation, hot air won’t stay there for long. Hot air is moist and might damage your roof structure and devastate your roof.

Your roof lasts longer

If you have good ventilation it means your shingles won’t get damaged. The heat that stays under your roof and attic acts like an oven and cooks your shingles, ruining them ahead of time. By having a well working ventilation you will save a lot of nerves and money on roof replacement.

Fewer ice dams

In case your home is in a cold climate, normally working attic ventilation takes cool air from the outside and mixes it with one in the attic. This process assures there is less snow melting on your roof, therefore minimizing the chance of ice dams forming.

Lower energy bills

As heat concentrates up in your attic, you’ll require your air conditioning to be working harder to keep up with the situation. If your attic ventilation is working ok you are safe, since hot air will be extracted and attic temperature will get lower. Air in your duct network will get cooler and they will last longer.

Level of ventilation

Before doing anything about your roof ventilation you should consult with a roofing expert, someone who can advise and tell you what is the right amount of ventilation that your roof and house needs. If you have too many vents, some of them might cause leakage and roof repairs, but not enough isn’t good either.

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Attic fans

While vents create what is called passive cooling, fans are the pivotal element of your attic. A fan is the most effective method to cool your attic that allows maximum airflow beneath your roof. Fans remove moisture as well. If you want a more eco friendly solution you can go for a solar fan. In average you will need around 2 or maybe even 3 fans for your home.

But by simply getting a set of fans your ventilation problems won’t go away. More fans mean higher electrical bills, and in most cases, you will need help from a professional to install them. They need to suck air from the outside of your house and not in any case from the inside. In order to everything work properly your ceiling has to be airtight.

To conclude

It is important to keep your attic’s ventilation in balance and harmony. Vents that allow the outside air in mustn’t be covered or blocked and have to be placed in optimal places. As mentioned above fans are quite important as well, but keep in mind that fans imply higher electrical bills and before installing them your attic has to be airtight. If you have further questions about attic ventilation or insulation contact your favorite Mesa roofing company, Arizona Roofing Systems.