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Prolong the life of your roofing system

If you care for something and treasure it, it usually lasts longer. You probably know that if you have ever been in love with someone. The more you give, the more you receive. That goes for so many things in life; your car’s engine will run smoother if you regularly change oil, if you keep your carpets clean, they will resist wear. Same goes for your roofing system. If you keep it clean, repaired and maintained, your roof will outlive its expectations. There are small steps and actions you can take to keep your roofing system looking good and functional for a long time.

Trim the branches

If you have branches that are hanging over your roof, you should trim them because in the event of high winds, they can be propelled at high speeds right into your roof’s surface. You can minimize the danger by trimming or cutting down the branches. If the tree is too tall, it is best to hire a professional to take care of that for you because climbing too high can be tricky for people with no experience with heights and tools. Ideal distance for branches and your roof would be 10 feet from each other. This will also protect you from having uninvited guests at your attic or your roofing system. That means that squirrels and other animals and rodents want to be able to climb on your roof.

Clean your gutters

Rain and the wind can leave all kinds of debris inside your gutters and downspouts. This can quickly cause issues because clogged gutters can generate different damage. Your walls can get damaged; your roofing support structure can get destroyed along with your roofing material. You should regularly clear your gutters, especially during the autumn and spring.

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Get rid of the moss

Moss will grow if your roofing system absorbs moisture. Mold and moss thrive in that kind of surrounding. Some people like that fuzzy-green look moss can give to the roof, but you should keep it off your roofing system. Think of moss as a sponge because it almost acts like one. It contains and traps water. All that water will sooner or later penetrate your roof and end up in your attic. If Moss has only affected small areas of your roof, you can remove it quickly with a help of a broom. If there are large parts covered with moss, it needs to be killed. Avoid toxic liquids and sprays. You can use soap which is based on potassium salts. You should apply the mixture directly on top of the moss.

Keep it that way

Now that you have cleaned your roofing system, you should keep it clean. When you notice some organic things lying on top of your roofing system, remove them as soon as possible because they will decompose. You can clean or sweep your roofing system twice a year to prevent moss from growing. If you are looking for more information, feel free to contact one of your favorite roofing companies – Arizona Roofing Systems located in Mesa, AZ. For any additional concerns or questions, we are here for you.