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Signals from the inside that your roof is damaged

If you are having roofing problems it isn’t the wisest decision to wait for interior damages and signs to show before doing something, since it will lead to costly structural and roofing repairs. In most situations, roof problems start small and irrelevant but during a period of time they develop and become much more serious and difficult to fix. Water damage can raise moisture level inside your home to dangerous levels before you even see the signs of interior damage. Then it is too late to do something about it. The only proven thing that can protect you from costly thing like a roof replacement is having regular scheduled inspections and maintenance of your roof. While some of the things that we are going to point out might be caused by a mechanical factor that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contact your trusted roofing professional to do a roofing inspection. So let’s begin:

Energy bills

If you suspect that your heating or cooling expenses have gone higher than of those in previous months, there is a solid chance that your roof might be damaged. A properly insulated roof acts as a protective barrier for the interior climate of your home. It is keeping your home warm during winter months and cool during the summer time of the year. Saturated or damaged roofing insulation can’t perform tasks it is designed to. If your AC unit has to work longer to heat up a room then it means it is using more power and eventually more of your money.

Water damage

If you notice an obvious thing like water dripping down your ceiling then that is a clear sign that your roof is seriously damaged. But just because the leak is above your head, doesn’t mean that is the source of it. It is important to identify the source of the leak before doing anything about it, safest way to do this is to call an experienced roofer just to be safe.

Leaky ceiling Mesa

Musty smell

Mold blossoms in areas with damp framing, metal exposed to moisture and wet drywall. A small leak on your roof can be an incubator for mold growth in your home. If you can smell mold that means it is somewhere inside your house and most common cause for it is a leaky roof, a problem that requires a professional touch in order to get fixed.

Discolored ceiling tiles

In commercial buildings dropped ceilings are quite common since they are easy to install and basically their purpose is to allow easy access to mechanical installations above the ceiling. If water manages to find its way to the ceiling tiles, in most cases it leads in stained and sagging tiles. While this doesn’t automatically imply that your roof is leaking it can mean that your roof’s ventilation is damaged and needs repair.

If you see any of these signs in your home or business, don’t wait to call in professionals and let them take a look. If you let these problems develop in the end you will have a much bigger issue to deal with it, maybe even a complete roof replacement. To schedule a roof inspection you just have to call your trusted Arizona Roofing Systems Inc from Mesa, AZ and let us do the rest.

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