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Solar roof: The new way of saving the world in style

If you are a homeowner planning to reconstruct your roof or construct a roof on a new building, chances are you intend to use the conventional tiles you have been using or seeing on buildings in your neighborhood.

New generation of tiles

Unbeknown to many homeowners, a new generation of roofing tiles is available in the market.  You can now give your house a state-of-the-art roof, new solar-powered roof tiles, complete with their Powerwall 2.0 solar battery. “I want to save the world in style,” Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, said during a 20-minute press conference while unveiling their new roofing invention.


Deceptive looks

Nevertheless, do not let the new tiles’ general looks deceive you. To an ordinary eye, the tiles design makes them appear just like the other conventional roofing tiles. However, the new tiles, which are made from quartz glass, come with inbuilt powerful solar panels. They are not bulky, and because of their beautiful design, your house will look classy.

Value for money

According to Arizona Roofing Systems, a residential roofing contractor in Mesa, AZ, when you buy this new generation of tiles, you will be getting more than just a roofing material. They will be charging the inbuilt solar panels enabling you to store solar energy for use in the house. Perhaps more importantly, they are more durable than your ordinary roofing tiles, with industry estimates showing that it will last two to three times the time a typical roofing material lasts. This means it is cheaper in the end because, besides cutting on the maintenance expenses, the solar energy stored will enable you to make savings on your monthly power bills.

Clean renewable energy

The solar panels produce clean energy with no pollutants, and because it uses the sun to produce it, it is renewable. This makes it ideal because it will not affect you and your family negatively as well as protect the environment.

Different types

The new tiles come in four different styles to meet the taste of various homeowners. If you are an aesthetic fanatic, then you can choose Tuscan, French Slate, Textured, or Smooth Glass. You may even mix them and create an entirely new style.

Suitable for far-flung areas

Electricity supplying companies find some areas too remote such that connecting them to their grids is both a challenge and uneconomical. Such areas are ideal for solar roofing.

Noise disturbance

Solar panels do not have any moving or rotating parts and, therefore, they are quiet. This makes them ideal even in areas with many houses built close together.



Ugly looking

It is, however, worth noting that to some purist this new generation of solar panels is ugly. Some of these purists have argued that their ugly looks would devalue their properties, a development that saw lawmakers in the Texas State in the US enacting a law in 2011 that would stop homeowners from installing solar panels.

Not suitable everywhere

They are not effective in every part of the world. They are suited for areas with adequate sunshine for the better part of the year such as countries closer to the equator as opposed to areas with a lot of rain, cloud cover, or long winters such as the poles. Much of the US has sunny days for the better part of the year making them usable. Even in areas with adequate sunshine, they do not produce constant energy.


There you have it, once you have weighed the pros and cons and set your mind to implementing a solar roofing system in your home, you can contact Arizona’s best roofing contractor in Mesa, Arizona Roofing Systems, to find out how to install them, if you want to find out if your roof needs repair before installing them, or if your flat roof is suitable for them.