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Why it’s important to look after your roof and gutters


A leaky roof. It’s one of those dreaded household problems that most of us only deal with when it’s too late. But, as Nationwide skip hire, Proskips advises, “If you can take the time to have your roof properly maintained and keep it clean now, you’ll save yourself a great deal of money and trouble further down the line.”

Here’s how having a clean and clear roof can help you:

  1. Prevent leaks- moss, dirty and debris all build up on your roof and can go completely unnoticed until a serious problem rears its ugly head.
  2. Prevent gutter problems- we don’t often look up at our guttering, which is an issue because muck, leaves and general gunk can cause havoc if left unattended. Water leaks can cause serious damage to your roof and have a huge impact on the structure of your home itself.
  3. Look after the exterior of your home. Particularly important if you’re looking to sell, the way your roof looks can seriously affect how other people view your property. Keeping it clean and tidy won’t just help you avoid leaks and costly repairs, it will seriously affect your home’s “curb appeal”.

If you want to keep your roof well maintained and doing its job properly, you can get up on a ladder yourself and have a good look around. HOWEVER…unless this is something you’re experienced in and you’ve got a great awareness of health and safety, we would always recommend having an experienced professional take care of jobs like this. Kubie Gold agrees “A trained roofer will be faster, safer and know exactly what to look out for in terms of potential problems, whereas many of the rest of us are likely to miss them.”

Checking your roof for leaks and potential problems is best done by a professional, but if your gutters need a clean and you’re short on funds this is something you’ll probably be able to do yourself. Please note only undertake work like this if you’re physically fit and stable. We would never suggest working at height without a proper health and safety induction, so gutter cleaning can be done safely from the ground.

How to clean your gutters:

  • Wear suitable clothing- this is a messy job, so you’ll need a long sleeved shirt (overalls would be even better) and a good pair of rubber gloves
  • Place a tarpaulin on the ground so all the dirt and debris can be neatly disposed of, instead of ending up in a sticky mess on your lawn
  • Use an extendable pole with a hook and a brush to clear the gutters from the ground- this will help you clear away any muck and debris
  • Use an attachment with a plastic scoop to remove any final bits of gunk
  • With a hose, flush water through the gutters to check all the dirt is gone and there are no leaks

You Choose Windows has the final word “Taking care of the boring bits like roof and gutter maintenance now will help save you money and time later. If in doubt, always go for a qualified and experienced roofer who can take care of the job quickly and efficiently.”