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Things you need to know before moving to Mesa


Mesa is a unique destination as both a tourist site and a place you can settle. Here are some of the reasons you need to review your view about the third largest city in the US State of Arizona.

1. It offers you ideal swimming opportunities

Mesa is in located in the centre of a desert; you will have ample swimming opportunities in one of the many water bodies in the great city.
The three lakes and two rivers within a half-an-hour drive from the city, you have a choice of going tubing, boating, fishing or kayaking.

2. You will enjoy your Christmas days

Your Christmas holidays will be enjoyable at the Mesa Arizona Temple Gardens with its annual stunning Christmas Lights display.
You and your young ones will join more than a million people to witness the spectacle.

3. You must keep your air conditioner close and running

With temperatures averaging between 106 and 119 degrees, your air conditioner must be close to you at all times and running. A word of caution though; you will regret if you buy a cheap air conditioner.

4. Expect to share the sunshine with many outsiders

Many outsiders from cold places, the “Snowbirds,” will jam Mesa to escape the winter from about October through May annually. You will have to share with these many outsiders and be ready to queue for long at restaurants and slow traffic movement on the roads.

5. Be on the lookout for creepy creatures

Just like any desert place, Mesa is teaming with scary creatures. So be on the lookout for such animals, including tarantulas in the garage, scorpions in the house and some killer bees buzzing around the kitchen.

6. Low taxes

As a homeowner in Mesa, you will realize you are paying the second lowest property tax rates in any large metropolitan area. Invest wisely whatever you save from your tax obligation.

7. Bicycle Haven

If you are a bicycle enthusiast, wait until you ride yours in Mesa before you say it. It is not surprising that the respected magazine, Forbes, ranked Mesa as one of the best cities for bicycle enthusiasts.
The Arizona city has more than 40 miles of bike lanes in the city proper and even more in the desert and mountains. Whenever you take that bike out, however, carry adequate drinking water supplies.

You will need your car or bicycle to move around Mesa. This is because, despite having a bus service, it is not reliable. For instance, the buses never operated on Sundays until 2008. As Arizona Roofing Systems we are proud to live in Mesa.