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What Makes Mesa, AZ a great city for living and working

If you want to go way back to the very beginning of the history of Mesa, AZ, then there is a long way ahead of you. History of Mesa goes back to some 2, 000 years in the past and it begins with the arrival of the Hohokam people. Name Hohokam in translation means ”The Departed Ones” or ”All Used Up”. Hohokam people built the canal system that exists even today. Those canals were the most sophisticated and largest in the ancient New World. Some of those canals were almost 100 feet wide and ten feet deep at the gates. Some of those canals were extending across the desert for even 16 miles. Many centuries later the water was running through those canals passing through 110, 000 acres of land. Because of that, Sonoran desert became an agricultural oasis. Some of those canals are functional and being used even today. Little is known about the history of the Mesa after the disappearance of the Hohokam since early settlers didn’t  venture in that part of the land. Daniel Webster Jones, Mormon pioneer founded a Mormon settlement by leading an expedition to Arizona from St. George in Utah in 1877. Jones’s expedition arrived at a northern area of today’s Mesa. Those first settlements were known as Fort Utah and Jonesville. In 1883, it was renamed to Lehi. At that time, there was another group which arrived from Idaho and Utah. They were dubbed as the First Mesa Company. There were the couple of leaders such as Charles Crismon, Charles I. Robson, Francis Martin Pomeroy, and George Warren Sirrine. They declined the invitation to join the Lehi settlement, and they moved to the top of the mesa. They used Hohokam irrigation canals and by 1878 water was flowing through them. A year later, the Second Mesa Company joined them, but they settled west of them because there was not enough farmland. That was the beginning of Mesa we know today.

Historical and cultural sites

Because of that long history that goes back two thousand years, it is not that surprising that there are many historical sites and cultural attractions sprawled across the city. Many of those places are either included in the Mesa Historical Properties listings or the National Register of Historic Places. Some of these locations are Sirrine House, 1880 Lehi School (replica), Strauch-Fuller House, Angulo-Hostetter House, Lehi School, The Robert Scott House, Spangler-Wilbur House, James a. Macdonald House, Mesa Journal – Tribune FHA Demonstration Home, Alhambra Hotel, Buckhorn Baths Motel, Irving School, Mesa, Women’s Club and many more. All those establishments and buildings played a vital role through the history of Mesa, and they are still standing today. There are also many cultural sites and attractions which are drawing visitors from al over the world every year. Some of those cultural sites are Mesa Arts Center, Mesa Arizona Temple, Mesa Amphitheatre, Commemorative Air Force Arizona Wing Aircraft Museum,  Arizona Museum for Youth, Arizona Museum of Natural History, Mesa Historical Museum, Mesa Grande Ruins and Park of The Canals.

Business and economy

Mesa was one of the first cities located in the state of Arizona which utilized the electric power plant. Hen, the World War II, came knocking at the door, two air bases were built in Mesa. Those two bases were Williams Air Force Base and Falcon Field Airport. These two bases played the vital role with providing much-needed training for pilots. Williams base provided its services and training for United States pilots, and Falcon Field Airport was used by British Royal Air Force. Once the war was over, a significant number of pilots decided to stay and settle down with their families in Mesa. By the beginning of 1950 air conditioning was already in wide use and that led to a massive growth in tourism which was a major driving force for Mesa’s economy at that time. In years that followed, Mesa has experienced even more increase in commerce and economy. Early aerospace companies which set up in Mesa were mainly creditable for that. In decades leading to 1990’s Mesa ended up being home to various and numerous high-technology companies. During the 1990’s Mesa had the highest rate of growth compared to any other city in the United States with the population greater than 100, 000 residents. In just a decade, population has grown by almost 90%

Some interesting facts about Mesa, Arizona

  • The city name ”Mesa” originates from the Spanish word that can be translated to ”table”. The city got that name because of the geographical look of the area where it is located – the table top.
  • There are several higher educational institutes located in Mesa, AZ. That includes the Polytechnic Campus of Arizona State University.
  • The Honeymoon Trail once led through Mesa. Leading from Winslow, Arizona to Saint George in Utah. Mormons used to travel that trail to be married up until 1926
  • The Superstition Mountains are home to famous Tonto National Forest
  • Mesa is also known as the biggest suburban city in he United States
  • Every year during the spring Chicago Cubs host their camp for training in Mesa, AZ.
  • Famous Easter Pageant is held every year in Mesa in one of the most biggest attractions in the United States – The Arizona Temple.
  • The Hohokam canals which we already mentioned above in the text are considered to be one of the most advanced and largest canal systems originating from prehistoric New World.
  • The city of Mesa is popular with tourists who are often coming back to experience all that Mesa has to offer. Some of those activities and attractions are fishing, hot air balloon ride, jeep tours, hiking, golfing and horseback riding.

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