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If you love nature then Mesa, AZ is the place for you

Mesa is known as a beautiful city that is surrounded by a breathtaking Sonoran Dessert. Because of that, it is not that big of a surprise that many people from all over the country visit Mesa, AZ each year. Our town has so much to offer when it comes to attractions and entertainment. Mesa also has to offer one of the best forms of entertainment – all of them. We will try to list some best places to visit, experience and see with you friends or loved ones.

Usery Mountain Regional Park

Usery Mountain Regional Park is a vast park that stretches across 3,648 acres near North Usery Pass Road. This park offers you hiking and biking trails, camping locations and beautiful landscapes. There are over 70 camping sites located across the park, and they all feature barbecue grills, hook-ups, picnic tables and more. If you wish to explore the park, you will be glad to hear that there are 30 miles of trails that lead throughout the park. You can use those trails while horseback riding, mountain biking or hiking. There are the different type of trails for everyone. If you are experienced hiker, you can always choose more difficult and demanding trails. You can visit Usery Mountain Regional Park at 3939 Noth Usery Pass Road.

Saguaro Lake Ranch Stables

If you wish to spend some time with horses than Saguaro Lake Ranch is perfect for you. This ranch offers you training and horseback riding through the Goldfield Mountain Range and the Sonoran Desert. You can choose from several types of rides. You can opt for half an hour to 2-hour rides on horseback. You don’t have to worry about anything because experienced and skilled guides will be on your side all the way. If you wish to spend some time in nature, then this is the activity for you. We guarantee that you will be left speechless from breathtaking views. Saguaro Lake Ranch Stables are located on 13050 North Bush Highway.

Desert Belle Cruises

If you are the fan of open water, then you should go on this cruise. You will sail across the beautiful Saguaro Lake if you decide to take on this guided and narrated tour. Desert Belle is a ship that takes you to an hour and a half ride around the lake which is part of Tonto National Forest.

Arizona Museum of Natural History

If you love, nature then this is the place you should visit. This museum exhibits everything that is related to the history, culture and habitat of this part of the United States. It started out as a small museum back in 1977, and it was located at Mesa City Hall. Musem was steadily growing, and soon it requires much bigger space and a new location. Today it sprawls across 74, 000 square feets. There you can see over 60, 000 exhibits connected to a history of Mesa and nature.

So that would be it. Remember that this is just some places you should visit if you are an outdoor type of person. Mesa has so much to offer when it comes to natural beauty, you can trust your Mesa company on that.