The Arizona Railway Museum

If you are visiting city of Chandler in Arizona then you should know it has a lot to offer, from restaurants, bars, hotels, historical sites but there is one place that is extremely interesting especially if you are a train lover and that is going to make you feel like you are kid in a candy store. In the past railways were very important part of Arizona history, especially at turn of the century when it was the main form of transportation that connected the east with the west and indirectly helped develop this area and state of Arizona. So no wonder there exists a place that pays homage to the railway and mighty trains in form of the Arizona Railway Museum in the city of Chandler.

The Arizona Railway Museum was established and began working in 1983. with only a caboose and steam engine, as a non profit, historical and educational organization. Main focus of the Museum are railways of Arizona and the Southwest. People of Chandler for many years were able to see trains near downtown until they were eventually moved to Tumbleweed Park.

The Arizona Railway Museum is a community attempt to obtain, restore, preserve and display equipment, artifacts and mementos related firstly to the past and the present railways of the Southwest and Arizona. Mining and logging freight terminals in cities of Tucson and Phoenix have played a pivotal role in the social and economical development and growth of these areas.

The Arizona Railway Museum - Chandler

The Arizona Railway Museum – Chandler

The museum is still standing thanks to enormous love that is being put in over the years by the museums many volunteers. Although admission is always free, donations either public or from local business are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

While some museums only have written records and photographs of trains from that era, Arizona Railway Museum truly has an impressive roster of equipment on the display, today they have almost fifty rail cars there, in various stages of restoration.  Museums volunteers work daily on restoration projects on the museum grounds. By visiting the official website of the Arizona Railways Museum you can see the list of motor cars, locomotives and other equipment that they have on display.

What you will be able to see if you decide to visit highly depends on how many volunteers are present during normal visiting hours. While all of the train cars can be seen from the outside, only a few of them can be from the inside.

The Arizona’s Railway Museum long term goal is to relocate to a bigger location, the city of Chandler has recognized the immense potential of having a railway museum and effort people working there have put in and are currently in the process of creating a new park south of the current one. New park will have additional space for more railroad artifacts, seating area and displays. And as well have better working conditions when it comes to restoration and repair.

Having such a passionate group of people in our city of Chandler that are so dedicated to the thing they love, motivates us at Arizona Roofing Systems Inc. even more when it comes to doing our job. The way they approach their job is certainly something we could use in our line of work and everyday lives.