City of Chandler

The City of Chandler has a rich history that is largely based on agriculture, getting its name after Doctor A.J. Chandler a veterinarian and an important landholder in the area. After his death in 1954. Chandler became a city. And has since experienced enormous expansion and growth. While the city is growing it is slowly shifting focus from agriculture towards manufacturing and information technology. Although surrounded by Tempe on the west, Mesa on the North and is only just few miles from Phoenix, still city of Chandler has a lot of activities and events to offer anyone who is either visiting or living there.

Let’s only just mention a few now:

Environmental Education Center

Wetland and desert habitats that stretch for more than 100 acres, alongside with biking and hiking trails, picnic areas and urban fishing. EEC hosts nature exhibits, programs and classes for everyone no matter the age.

Chandler Center for the Arts

Center for the Arts is located in Historic Downtown Chandler and is a world-class facility that showcases many talents, from The London City Opera to Jay Leno as well as The Nutcracker.

Chandler Public Libraries

Chandler has a number of public libraries, and almost nearly million people visit Chandler public libraries annually, where they check out more than 1 200 000 items from books, videos, audio books and CDs.

Chandler Museum

If you wish to visit the past, and take a step back in time, then you should visit the Chandler Historical Museum, where they have on display artifacts from Chandler’s long and rich past. Of course new exhibits are being displayed regularly.

While most cities offer similar activities and events like Chandler, there is one that is quite unique for the City of Chandler. That is the Ostrich Festival.

Ostrich Festival

Is an annual festival, a community family event that features live ostrich races alongside ostrich-themed activities, regional and national entertainment, carnival, interactive kids activities and many more. Fact that it includes ostriches has earned the festival an entry on “The top 10 unique festivals in the United States”. First race was held in 1989. and usually a week before the race there is the Ostrich Festival Parade. During the Ostrich Festival there is something for everyone there. The three-day event’s main attraction is the utterly unpredictable, absolutely captivating ostrich races. The festival also has a petting zoo, music from national touring acts and a magic show for the whole family. And if you are courageous and curious enough you could even try an ostrich burger there.

It is extremely satisfying to be part of such an interesting and unique social life, part of a community that isn’t boring or dull, that thinks creatively and is ready to have fun in an imaginative way that is ready to include people of all ages. Sole facts that innovative events like Ostrich Festivals exist makes us at Chandler roofing company happy since it means our customers are relaxed, laidback and above all else interesting people.