Best Restaurants in Gilbert, AZ

Making a decision at which restaurant will you eat can be a headache. Especially if there are more parties involved in decision-making process. That is why your Gilbert, AZ roofer has decided to put together a small list of our favorite places to eat at in Gilbert. Keep in mind that there are numerous restaurants scattered throughout the city, and we won’t be able to list them all but we will list some of our favorite spots where you can enjoy great food with your friends and family.

Joe’s Real BBQ

Joe’s Real BBQ is in the business of serving best pulled pork, ribs and steaks in the Valley since 1998. There you can try some of the best food while sitting in comfy, cafeteria-style decorated brick house from 1929.  There you can also find mural which depicts the agricultural history of Gilbert and fully restored 1948 John Deere tractor. This is the perfect place if you wish to eat out with your family. Make sure to try spicy hot links or the tender beef brisket.

Flancer’s Cafe

Flancer’s Cafe might not seem like some hot dining spot from the outside, but you will change your mind once you step inside. It is a rock ‘n roll restaurant with an excellent menu full of sandwiches, appetizers, pizzas, and more. Chef Jeff France, who is also an owner, has graduated at a renowned Culinary Institute of America. Since then, he devoted his talent and time into this great restaurant. Here you can try various sandwiches such as The Perfect ”Prickly” Pear Chicken, which consists of tomato, homemade green chili mayonnaise, and prickly pear marinated chicken. Don’t forget to try some of their famous pizzas such as Goat to Get You Into My Live which consists of delicious ingredients such as basil pesto, goat cheese, red onions, chicken and roasted red bell peppers.

Francer's Cafe Gilbert

Francer’s Cafe Gilbert

Romeos’s Euro Cafe

Chef Romeo Taus is a genius. That is all we have to say about this man. Romeo’s Euro Cafe is a place you definitely must visit. There you can try various Mediterranean dishes prepared by Chef Romeo Taus himself. You can start with appetizers such as eggplant capicola. Eggplant capicola consists of ham capicola and deep fried provolone wrapped in eggplant. For entree make sure to try Chicken mega which is a grilled chicken with garlic, pine nuts and spinach in a white wine sauce. There is no way that you will order something and not be satisfied with it. This is one of our favorite Gilbert places to eat. Here you can take your family and friends, or you can take your partner for a romantic dinner.

So that would be it. As we have said, these are just some of our favorite places to eat out in Gilbert, AZ. If you are new to the town or if you just haven’t got the chance to eat at one of these places, we encourage you to do it as soon as possible.