Glendale Glitters

As Holiday season approaches every year, again City of Glendale is preparing to kick it off in style, starting in November and all the way until January, Historic Downtown Glendale, Arizona is hosting Glendale Glitters event, which each year thousands of visitor visit.

Historic Downtown Glendale brightens up and comes to life, when almost 1.5 million twinkling LED lights in all sort of colors are lit up throughout a 16 block area that includes the Catlin Court Districts and the Old Towne. Holiday fairy tale tradition shines brightly from 5 to 10 pm every night during the festival. Even if you stop by during the daytime when they aren’t on you can still gaze at them and buy something in a nearby gift shop, enjoy a desert or a dinner and have fun by the Christmas tree.

Glendale Glitters

Glendale Glitters

Event’s theme for this year is going to be “A Few of My Favorite Holiday Things”. What that means? Well it means holiday entertainment, food, hand crafted holiday themed gifts, petting zoo and much more, and of course don’t forget Santa. Admission to the entire event is free.

But Glendale Glitters event isn’t just about the lights, nearby Murphy Park is packed with music, excitement and of course lights. On most night there is holiday music and oldies you love and can dance too, and as well performances from dance troupe. There is music from the 50s and all the way to modern stuff. The evet also features holiday arts, crafts, inflatable rides and you can have a “chat” with Santa Claus.

While attending Glendale Glitters don’t forget it is Holiday season, time of the year for giving and sharing, so when walking by a charity or donation stand don’t be a stranger and stop by if you can and support a worthy local charity.

Where is Glendale Glitters?

Historic Downtown Glendale is located just east and north of 59th and Glendale Avenues. More than 2000 free parking spaces are available within a light 10 minute walk. If needed there are additional free parking spaces available at Glendale Community College, Olive Avenues and 59th Street. Of course handicapped parking spaces are available in all parking areas.

However, sadly in January festival closes its doors but we at Glendale Glitter close it in style, when a final huge block party is held and features over two dozen huge hot air balloons placed all over the busy downtown block, accompanied with live music bands, street performances stretching for blocks and holiday themed gifts and treats. This closing event has a dizzying array of sights, sounds, tastes, smells and what is most important – fun.

When walking through downtown it is very calming when looking at holiday lights, each year more and more are appearing in Glendale. People are decorating their trees, houses and even rooftops. But your best Glendale Roofing contractors have to advise caution when climbing up the roof, although holiday lights are a great sight to see, be careful that you don’t fall and end spending holiday season in your bed.