Sport venues in City of Glendale

Although Phoenix, state capital of Arizona is just northwest to city of Glendale, nevertheless Glendale has a lot to offer to anyone who is visiting it. If you are a sports fan you certainly know what Glendale is famous of. Yes, that is right! Glendale is home to Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League who play their home games on University of Phoenix Stadium. Opened in 2006, the University of Phoenix Stadium is certainly unlike any other in the world and a miracle of design, engineering and technology, it is a multipurpose sports and entertainment complex, and it features the first fully retractable natural grass playing surface travelling at speed of 11,5 feet per minute and retractable roof which opens in 12 minutes, built in United States.

University of Phoenix Stadium

Nominal capacity of the stadium is 63 400 seats that can be expanded by 8,800 for “mega-events” such as college bowls, NFL Super Bowls, and the NFC Championship Game but fact that the field can be rolled out means that additional seats can be brought in and put on the stadium floor without damaging the grass surface. The stadium has to offer 88 luxury suites, with additional space to add more in future years to come. Also when extracted, field is exposed to natural sunlight which help the grass grow and heal. With its unique design stadium has been named in top 10 list of most impressive sports facilities in the world.

Besides hosting football events like NFL games and Fiesta Bowl, University of Phoenix Stadium has been host of numerous other sporting activities and many other entertainment events like concerts and monster jams. So far the stadium holds the record for the highest attended soccer match in the state of Arizona in 2007, when more than 62 000 fans watched the United States men’s national soccer team defeat Mexico.

University of Phoenix Stadium hosted Super Bowl XLII in 2008, in which the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots with attendance crowd more than 71 000.  And again in the 2015, the stadium was home to the Super Bowl this time it hosted Super Bowl XLIX in which New England Patriots defeated Seattle Seahawks.

Although the stadium has hosted numerous different events and sporting activities throughout the years one more interesting sporting event is going to be held in the 2017. An NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will be played there.

University of Phoenix Stadium - Glendale

University of Phoenix Stadium – Glendale

Glendale’s Gila River Arena

In close proximity of University of Phoenix Stadium there is another sporting ground is Glendale’s Gila River Arena. It is home to National Hockey League team the Arizona Coyotes, and has capacity of 19 000 seats. Built in 2003, it sits across University of Phoenix Stadium. Although initially designed to be an NBA basketball arena in the end it was repurposed for hockey and the NHL.

Even though Glendale is so close to the city of Phoenix, it has a lot to offer especially to anyone seeking to attend a sporting event. And therefore, your favorite Glendale roofers  admire those marvelous architectural work of arts that adorn our city of Glendale and inspire us in our work.