Lake Pleasant, Peoria

If you are visiting or passing by Peoria, a city northwest of Phoenix, Arizona or just want to escape busy city life and noise, perhaps you should stop by near Lake Pleasant Regional Park. It is a large outdoors recreation area in the Maricopa and Yavapai County area. It is in close proximity of Peoria, Arizona and it is mainly being used for recreational purposes by the people northeast of Phoenix.

The main focal point of the park is its large 40 km2 lake – Lake Pleasant. It is one of the most important manmade reservoirs surrounding the Phoenix metropolitan area. Lake is created by Waddell Dam which obstructs the Agua Fria River and therefore creating a large watershed and recreational area. Waddell Dam when it was finished at 1927, was the world’s largest agricultural dam at 76 feet high and 2160 feet long.

Current water level, lake achieved in early 2005. Lake pleasant is used as a major water sports recreation center for the Phoenix metro area, as well being used for storage reservoir for the rapidly growing region and city of Peoria. It is a great place for families with kids or group of people who decide to spend the weekend there. There are a couple of boat docks and ability to access the beach makes it a popular destination for scuba diving, water, jet skiing, windsurfing, sailing and many other water based sports. As well Lake is home to many different fish species so fishing enthusiasts visit it regularly to fish there. Besides water based activities, lake offers numerous other like many camping sites, mountain biking, or exploring hiking trails. Park itself is open until 10 pm during weekends so you don’t have to worry and be in rush, perhaps you could even get a chance to gaze at the stars on the night sky.

Lake Pleasant, Peoria

Lake Pleasant, Peoria

If you are hoping to learn something about the park then you can, the park also has an educational visitors’ center that gives information about the history of the lake, the construction process of the Waddell Dam and the areas surrounding it. Fact that a lake is nearby has attracted many other recreational activities to the area like dirt racetrack, as well as large gilder school and airport.

Since city of Peoria, rapidly growing is situated nearby, has declared park and surrounding area important for their future plans. Many areas around the park have seen increase in real estate value, and city is using zones around the lake for high end waterfront residential neighborhoods and commercial opportunities.

Besides being a place of fun and relaxation, lake offers its dangerous and dark side as well, there were numerous deaths that happened over the years. Authorities in Arizona regularly call for caution mainly because of rising waters and carbon monoxide in area around the lake.

Living so close to such a beautiful landmark is making us happy and proud. We appreciate it even more since it was made by human hands, something we at Arizona Roofing Systems in Peoria can relate to. We have recognized the fact that city of Peoria is growing each day and we are extremely grateful to be serving its citizens daily.