Peoria Sports Complex

Peoria is a city in the State of Arizona, in Yavapai and Maricopa counties. Majority of the city is situated in Maricopa County, while a smaller part of it is in Yavapai, up in the north. Peoria is an important suburb of Phoenix. In 2010. the population was more than 154 000 people, and it is ninth in size when it comes to population and sixth largest city in state of Arizona. Peoria got its name after the same city in Peoria, Illinois. Even though city of Phoenix, state capital and largest city in Arizona is nearby and by default pulls in a lot of tourists, still Peoria has a lot to offer.

If you follow baseball closely, or even better if you are a fan of either San Diego Padres or Seattle Mariners, Major League Baseball teams, then surely you don’t stop in Phoenix but instead go straight to Peoria and its Sports Complex. Both of those teams use and share Peoria Sports Complex for their spring training home. Complex was built in 1994, and it is first sport complex in the country that houses two teams during Spring Training. Besides training it is used as player development facility as well and it is being used whole year round for other activities, now for more than 20 years.

The Peoria Sports Complex is a baseball complex, located closely to Peoria’s main shopping district on Bell Road. Main attraction is the main baseball stadium but as well there are twelve practice fields. The capacity of Peoria Stadium is around 12 000 seats. Area around Peoria Sports Complex include many hotels, shopping facilities, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Peoria Sports Complex

Peoria Sports Complex

Some of the baseball activities include; player rehabilitation, Arizona summer league, Extended Spring Training and Arizona Instruction League baseball. As well complex is one of six facilities to host Arizona Fall League games and is home to one of the teams – Peoria Javelinas. But not just teams from United States come here to train and recuperate, International teams from Japan, China and Korea have used the facility grounds for spring and instructional workouts and preparation.

The Complex is used through the year for national and local adult and youth baseball championships and tournaments. But besides baseball, complex offers numerous other events like car, art and RV shows and bike races. And believe it or not but even weddings, private parties, charity fundraisers and group events. And of course, special city sponsored events are held every year for Easter, 4th of July and Halloween which people enjoy attending.

Peoria Sports Complex is house to another great event each year – Vans Warped Tour. The largest travelling music festival in the United States, held annually during summer time starting back in 1995, and from 2002. Peoria Sports Complex is part of it. It began as a festival for alternative rock, but soon after it has started focusing on punk rock scene but still every year artists of all kind of music genres preform on the tour.

With Peoria being filled with such rich social life we at Peoria roofing company are extremely proud to be serving a great community that values diverse social events.