Dinner Theater Peoria

If by any chance you find yourself in City of Peoria Arizona, either if it is a business trip or you are passing by, being on a vacation or just simply live there, perhaps you might be looking for something to pass the time. If visiting nearby Lake Pleasant Regional Park or Peoria Sports Complex aren’t your things then you will probably look for something else interesting to do, like maybe grab a bite or have a drink in one of Peoria’s many restaurants and bars. But then again you will end up sitting in a chair wasting your precious time instead of spending it in a quality manner. Of course if you want a nice calm and quiet atmosphere of a restaurant that is fine too but if you want a story and entertainment to go with your meal then you should consider going to a Peoria’s dinner theater.

What is a dinner theater you might ask?

Well it is a form of entertainment that combines a staged play or a musical and of course a meal. Usually the play is the main focus of a dinner theater, with dinner being less important and in some cases even optional but in order to have a working dinner theater you have to have a live theater, a restaurant and in most cases a bar. Although dinner theater weren’t popular in the 90s yet at the beginning of the 00s they have again became popular with many new ones opening.

One of the most famous dinner theater venues in Phoenix metropolitan area is surely Arizona Broadway theatre in Peoria. Its construction began in 2004. and was finished in 2006. Main stage offers seating for 470 guests with every seat offering unobstructed view of the stage.

Key purpose and idea of ABT is to offer a complete entertainment experience, a single venue combining professional theater and dining. So far more than 1000 performances were held there and more than 100 000 people have visited the “theatre”.

Dinner Theater Peoria

Dinner Theater Peoria

One of the main reasons to why Peoria dinner theater is so popular is because of its ability to combine old ways with the new. Using modern technology in production, and catering to every need that a guest might have by offering popular classical shows that everybody loves like “Grease” along with new modern ones like “Shrek” that help attract younger audiences. Fact that old and young, from family with kids to in-laws and friends, are regular guests in Arizona Broadway Theater means they are succeeding in their vision. Along with regularly having new shows in their rich program, theater offers education for young artists, to help them spark their imagination and creative thinking.

Having such a unique venue in Peoria is making a lot of people visiting our city of Peoria jealous, wishing they would have something like that in their city, which makes us at best Peoria roofing company really grateful to be working in such a creative community like Peoria.