Which celebrities were born and raised in Arizona

Even though numerous celebrities are flocking in Arizona in search of prime golfing, nightlife, or just while searching for warmer winter weather, we don’t have that many celebrities we can call our own. In this post, we will talk about celebrities that were born and raised in the Valley of the Sun.

Chester Bennington

Chester was born in states capital in 1976. His blue-collar parents probably couldn’t even dream that their son will become famous for singing in the planetary popular band, Linkin Park. Linkin Park became a hit in 2000 when they released their first album Hybrid Theory. Chester’s words were written in a way that anyone could find something to grasp on to. Hybrid Theory got Diamond status since it has sold over 10 million copies just in the United States. Chester was a student at Centennial High School, but he later transferred to Greenway High School where he started his first band with his friends.

Stevie Nicks

Full name Stephanie Lynn Nicks, born at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix. We believe that you already know who are we talking about. Stevie has become one of the most prolific artists and singers of all time. She was taught how to sing by her uncle who was a struggling country singer. Nicks met her romantic and music partner Lindsey Buckingham while she was at a party when she was a high school senior. He later asked her to join his band, and that was when it all started. Her mystical and theatrical performances have left millions of fans mesmerized for years. There is no way you could mistake her voice for someone else.

Fletwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac

Michelle Branch

Branch was born and raised in Sedona, Arizona. Michelle attended Sedona Rock High School, but she was later homeschooled. The Spirit Room was her first major album which was released somewhere in August of 2001. That album featured her biggest hit called ”Everywhere.” Later she released her second album called Hotel Paper, and she collaborated with the band The Wreckers with her friend Jessica Harp.

Emma Stone

Do we need to say who this is? One of the most beautiful actresses in the movie industry today. Maybe even of all time. We don’t know. Not only she is crazy pretty, but her laugh is also contagious. She can pull off dramas as good as she can pull off comedies. Everybody loves her. She was born in Scottsdale, Arizona which makes her pure Valley of the Sun born and raised celebrity. She is probably the latest resident of Arizona to rise to her level of fame. The Easy A and The Help star has a pretty good resume for someone her age. We are sure that that resume will only get better and bigger.

So that would be it for some of the most famous celebrities from the state of Arizona. While we don’t have that many celebrities, we make sure that those which we have are the best at what they are doing. We hope that you have learned something new from this post, Your roofing contractor from Phoenix, AZ thinks that maybe you will become the next star emerging from Arizona.