Best Restaurants in Phoenix

Today we will try to answer one of the hardest and oldest questions; where should we eat tonight? It is not uncommon for people to get in a fight when deciding where should they go out to eat, or they end up going to bad restaurant or they just choose to stay at home. Today we will list some of the best Phoenix restaurants to help you make the decision where will you take your family or partner next time you go for a dinner.

The Henry

This contemporary American restaurant is located at 4455 E. Camelback in Phoenix, AZ. They like to call themselves ”The Greatest Neighborhood Restaurant.” They are open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you wish to grab a cup of coffee with a friend or to have a late lunch with a colleague or to take out your family to a dinner, then Henry is the perfect choice for you. The menu is based on combinations of simple but hearty dishes. There you can try anything ranging from chopped salads to high stakes to beefy burgers and fish.

Steak 44

This steakhouse is located at 5101 N. 44th Street in Phoenix, AZ. Steak 44 is a warm, upscale contemporary all-American steakhouse. There you can try great fresh seafood, prime steaks along with original and unique items allowing you to experience something more than just dining at a steakhouse.

Steak 44 - Phoenix

Steak 44 – Phoenix

Seasons 52

This fresh wine and grill bar is located at 2502 E. Camelback Road in Phoenix, AZ. Here you can try seasonally changing menu which depends on the local farmer’s market. They source their ingredients when they are at the peak of freshness, and they prepare them using rustic techniques such as open-fire grilling over the mesquite and oak wood and brick-oven roasting. All of that brings out and highlights all of the natural flavors every piece of food contains. There you can go for lunch or dinner every day, and they work extra hours during the weekends.

The Arrogant Butcher

This American restaurant is located at 2 E. Jefferson Street in Phoenix, AZ. This restaurant is considered as an iconic downtown landmark. The Arrogant Butcher is the only restaurant in Phoenix where some sports fans or casual partygoers can have their steak, burger or beer while sitting beside some Arizona’s top politicians. Behind three curtains you can find bachelorettes saying goodbye to their ”freedom” or some high ranking politicians discussing legislation or maybe you can find famous band warming up before the big concert show. Here you can try everything from steaks, burgers, seafood, salads, draft beer, cocktail, and wine. If you are looking for perfect place to dine or have a drink while being seen, then The Arrogant Butcher is the place for you.

That would be it. These are just some of the best restaurants in Phoenix where you should go and eat. So next time you decide to eat out remember this post from your favorite Phoenix, AZ roofer and visit any of these restaurants. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.