Which historical landmarks should you visit while in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is full of historical buildings and landmarks that are older than a century. If you love history, then Scottsdale is the right place for you. Here you can see numerous buildings which have played the vital role in the early beginnings and growth of Scottsdale. We will list some of those places which you should visit and inform yourself about if you are new to Scottsdale or if you just love history.

Titus House

Titus House was built in 1892, and it is located at 1319 N. Hayden Road. This house is the only Victorian residence remaining in Scottsdale today. It represents the start of the Tourist Destination and The Art Colony context theme placed in the late 19th century. This house was designed by James Miller, who was a prominent Arizona architect in the 19th century. It is called Titus House after Frank Titus who was a rich railroad investor who had a 160-acre property where he had a horse-breeding ranch and a citrus farm.

Titus House

Titus House

Scottsdale Grammar School

Scottsdale Grammar School is located at 7333 Scottsdale Mall. It was built in 1909, and it was first permanent school in the city. Once it was an elementary school with classrooms and today, it serves as the Scottsdale Historical Museum. Scottsdale Grammar School possesses features of both Bungalows and Victorian Cottages. It acted as an elementary school for Hispanic children between late 1920s and 1940s.

Charles Miller House

Charles Miller House is located at 6938 E. First St. It was built in 1913 by a prominent figure, Charles Miller. Miller played the vital role in Scottsdale’s early decades. He was the one who purchased land located on Indian School Road and he built a home for himself and began to farm on the land. In 1918 first electric company was founded by Miller and his partners. He later gave a piece of his land for Scottsdale High School.

First United States Post Office Building

This historic building is located at 3944 N. Brown Ave. It was a Scottsdale’s first full-time post office. Residents of Scottsdale used to gather at this address every day while waiting for mail from Phoenix. It is a simple two-story historic brick house. It was built in the typical style of public buildings of that period. Today, Porter’s Western Store is located at the address where post office used to be.

Village Grove historic district

This neighborhood is the perfect example of common post-WWII family housing units in Scottsdale. It represents and illustrates marketing philosophies and planning of community developments during the late 1950s.

If you find yourself passing through or visiting Scottsdale and if you are into history then make sure that you visit some of the numerous historical landmarks and buildings sprawled throughout the whole city. Your Scottsdale roofing contractor guarantees that you won’t be disappointed. If you wish to learn more about the history of Scottsdale, then pull out your GPS and start exploring.