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Tips& info about tile roofs from Sonny the cow!

Tile roofs are a great roofing system, they give a beautiful curb appeal and the tiles themselves can last a lifetime!  But there are a few things that you should know about your tile roof.
  • While the tile sheds water during a rain storm, it is not a waterproof barrier that keeps the water out of your home
  • The actual waterproof barrier is the underlayment that is underneath the tile roof
  • The underlayment can vary! Most are asphalt based products and synthetic underlayment
  • Synthetic underlayment comes with a much longer warranty, up to 50+ years!
  • Valleys, penetrations, and AC units on the roof are the most susceptible areas for a leak to occur
  • Concrete tile is the most common tile, but there is also clay tile, lightweight tile and others
  • The tile itself is incredibly durable
  • Even though the tile may last a lifetime, the underlayment normally last 20-25 years, but it depedends
  • Tile creates a strong UV barrier for the waterproof underlayment
  • Your tile roof should be cleaned before and after monsoon season, especially if you have trees of any kind where debris can cause blockages in the way water drains
  • Out of place and broken tiles don’t pose an immediate concern, but should be dealt with as soon as possible because the UV rays will quickly wear off the underlayment if left uncovered
  • When replacing the underlayment there is a 10% breakage rate of the tile. Most tiles are older and there isn’t an exact match available, but roofing contractors do their best to match them as close as possible
  • Be sure to hire a professional who is licensed, bonded, and insured to protect yourself
When replacing an underlayment, we put the tile in stacks on the roof and tear off and dispose of the old material and inspect your substrate.  We then install the new underlayment, battens, ice & water shield in valleys, valley metal and all the new penetrations. The tile goes back into place and any mismatched tiles are either hidden or placed on the back of the roof.

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