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Tips& info about Walk Decks from Sonny the cow!

Walk Decks can be troublesome and costly, but when done correctly, they can be an enjoyable patio area for family fun.  There are a few things you should know about your walk deck!
  • Walk decks are a flat surfaced area intended for foot traffic
  • Having granules in the final coating of the walk deck helps keeping it slip resistant and gives tensile strength to prevent cracking and breaking of the coating
  • The walk deck system has Polyester tie-tex fabric above the base coat which helps with high foot traffic, giving longevity to the walk deck
  • There are a few colors to choose from, but Tan is the most popular one
  • The elastomeric coating (white & tan) are energy efficient which means the deck will be cooler
  • White material will have the biggest impact on energy efficiency
  • If you think your walk deck is wearing down, look for signs of cracking, peeling, blisters or thinning of the elastomeric material
  • Seams and edges are the most susceptible areas for a leak to occur
  • Your walk deck should be cleaned before and after monsoon season, especially if you have trees of any kind where debris can cause blockages in the way water drains
  • Be sure to hire a professional who is licensed, bonded, and insured to protect yourself
When installing a walk deck, you can either go over the current walk deck if it is in good structural condition or install a new walk deck. First, we pressure wash the walk deck. It needs to be very clean because we are applying an acrylic based coating that needs to adhere.  After the wash, we put down 2 gallons per sq. (sq. = 100sq ft.) of the base coat.  Then, the polyester tie-tex fabric is applied over the base coat.  Another 2 gallons per sq. is then applied on top of the fabric.  We at Arizona Roofing Systems, roofing contractor Mesa AZ allow it to sit for 24-48 hours and then come back with the final top coat with granules mixed in the elastomeric to give it a non-slip surface. In the end, clean up and touch up work are completed to ensure a professional job!

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