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Our mission is to provide proper education on roofing to our customers so they may make an informed decision with knowledge from our representatives. To provide excellent and honest workmanship. To produce a profitable growth to strengthen our community and expand  opportunity and growth for our roofers.

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Whether we’re repairing a leak or replacing an entire roof we work with honesty and integrity to ensure your project is done on time, on budget, and to the code!

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How can AZ Roofing Systems, roofing company Surprise help you?

Arizona Roofing Systems Inc. is a professional roofing company located in Surprise, Arizona. With countless completed projects and years spent in the roofing business we offer you the best commercial and residential service available in the Phoenix area. Our business is recognized and accredited with an A+ rating and score by Better Business Bureau. Let us share our secret how we become the best in our job!

How to successfully brand yourself in Surprise by AZ Roofing Systems, roofing contractor Surprise, Arizona

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Our Customers Mean the World to Us

Without the doubt you can depend on our experience and knowlege when it comes to finishing the job. Our customer satisfaction is our driving force, and what keeps us marching forward. With each completed project we create a strong link with our clients, something we are extremely proud off.

If you are looking for roof instal, repair or replacemen and you are from Surprise, Arizona make sure to contact us today and find out more about our services that we offer, and how you can get a FREE estimate consulation.


AZ Roofing Systems, roofers in Surprise, AZ about the City

Back in 1938 Surprise was founded by Flora Mae Statler. Our city of over 120,000 people was just one square mile of farmland back then. So why did she call us Surprise? According to Statler’s daughter Elizabeth Wusich Stoft, her mom once commented “she would be surprised if the town ever amounted to much.” With our success, she would indeed be surprised and proud! Although at first city only had a couple of houses and a gas station, ever since it has grown and now serves as home for ten of thousands retirees who likve in an age restirtecd resort like community. Thirty-two of the state’s top 50 homebuilders cater to new homebuyers, who are attracted by the city’s modestly priced homes, its relative proximity to Phoenix, and by the property taxes, which the city claims are among the lowest in the state.

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     by traceyjo11 on AZ
    it looks great

    They reroofed my home and it looks great! I had a great experience from my first phone call to the completed work. It rained about 1 month after my roof was put on and they called to check on my roof. ... view more

     by Austin Rowley on AZ
    the best roofing company ever

    Hands down the best roofing company ever. Josh Smith was fantastic and very helpful. If you have any roofing problems then give these guys a call.

     by Becca Adams on AZ

    It is very refreshing to have a company actually pick up their phone and answer versus leave a voice mail and wait for a call back. I needed a roof estimate (patio roof area in particular) for home located... view more

     by Linda Allen on AZ
    They did a great job.

    When my roof leaked, I called a friend to ask who she would recommend. She told me to call Josh Smith. I did. They called me right back and came over the next day. After I accepted the proposal, they ... view more

     by Preston Griffin on AZ
    Great Experience

    Because of the Hail Storm that came through last year there have been swarms of roofers knocking at my door. None of them were quite as pleasant as Josh Smith team. From the first few moments of Conversation... view more

     by Austin Rowley on AZ
    the best roofing company ever

    Hands down the best roofing company ever. Josh Smith was fantastic and very helpful. If you have any roofing problems then give these guys a call.

     by Ed H. on AZ
    Did a very good job.

    Very fast for a quote, very good price for a 30 year roof. Started a week after I was given a quote and was finished in 2 and 1/2 days. Did a very good job.

     by Dave L on AZ
    Great job replacing my tile roof

    Josh Smith did a great job replacing my tile roof. Their bid was competitive and detailed. They were very professional and efficient with the installation. They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable... view more

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