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Best of modern technology for your home


Technology is everywhere in our lives, everything is online now, everything is connected, there is Wi-Fi everywhere. In the classroom, in the streets, in the workplace, etc., modern technological advancements are making our lives easier. So why shouldn’t your home keep up with the modern technological trends as well?

When it comes to your home, technology can improve almost any aspect of it, and make life easier, more comfortable and safer. In case you need a help with the roof construction during the technology implementation, remember you can call us from the Arizona Roofing Systems,the top local roofing company from Mesa, Arizona, anytime.

Amenities and comfort

From turning on the lights, through controlling your thermostat, to voice activating your speakers, you can do all of it without even getting up from your bed or your sofa. And some of those things, without even being in the house. That is the benefit of a smart, high-tech home, so reconsider it during your home improvement.

Amazon Echo, for example, is a hardware hub, a comprehensive main control system for your house which allows you to control many things in your house. It connects with other smart gadgets in the house and controls them according to your commands. It is voice-activated with a programmed virtual assistant called Alexa. It will activate whenever you say Alexa, and listen to your commands. Alexa can also give you some information when you ask her, and even tell a joke.


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With Amazon Echo and Alexa you can control your thermostat, if you have one that connects with it, such as Nest, control your lighting with bulbs from the Philips Hue starter kit, play music, find out your weight if you’re using a smart scale, and even order an Uber.

Nest Learning Thermostat is a very smart one. It can be attached wherever in your house, due to its small size, and it can control water heaters and radiators. It has built-in sensors, so when it senses that nobody’s home, it will switch to a more economic mode of heating so that you don’t waste energy. You can also control it remotely, turning it on or off through your smartphone, or you can program it to work on a certain schedule.

Philips Hue starter kit includes three light bulbs that connect wirelessly to you main control system, from which you can control them then. They can connect with Amazon Echo, as well as with Google Home and Apple HomeKit. The bulbs can be set on a timer, when to turn on and off, and you can even decide on the color of their light – you can choose any shade and color you can think of. They can also be controlled remotely.


When it comes to making your home safe, technology has helped a lot in this aspect as well. You can now control your security systems remotely, and receive alerts if there is something suspicious or dangerous going on in your house when you’re away.

IQ, Nest’s security camera is one of the best ones at the moment, with numerous helpful features that will help you feel safer at home, and when you’re away. It has a high resolution camera with face recognition, so if there is an intruder in your home, he will not go by undetected. It has motion sensors as well as night vision, and it will send you alerts to your phone if it detects some suspicious activity.

With Nest Protect smoke detector you can keep yourself and your house safe, and make sure to prevent any danger on time. It detects both smoke and carbon monoxide, and it recognizes the difference between smoke and steam, so you will not get unnecessary or false alarms. It also sends alerts to your phone.