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Every homeowner wants his roof to be clear and tidy, but we all know that roofs cannot stay this way forever. With time, our roofs start to look older and they need a cleanup. Further down you will find the tips on how to maintain your roof in a proper way. The shingles can be cleaned either by yourself, or with a professional help.


There are many natural elements and conditions that are causing the dirt on the shingles and that is why the proper maintenance is important. There are many things and conditions that are causing the dirt on the shingles. In the following text you can find the main problems that affect the shingle and tips that will help you with the maintenance.


Debris that falls off the tree is the main problem because it causes the dirt on the roof surface. Leaves, branches, sticks and pine straws block the gutters and reduce the water flowing. The water which remains on the roof surface further causes leakage and moisture problems. Water stays under the shingles and causes leaks and rotting of the roof structure, interior damages in the walls, floors, and sheetrock. These are all of the reasons why debris removal is very important.


You can easily clean it by hands because debris may be light and doesn’t require a lot of equipment for the removal. Before any actions, take care of the safety procedures (helmet, gloves, and safety glasses). Debris can be removed with a leaf blower, as well. This method is preferred by many homeowners because it doesn’t require much work. You can also use the soft brush, but don’t use it with too much pressure, because using it that way, you could remove the protective granules off the shingles. By removing the protective layer, you reduce the lifetime of your roof.


Many homeowners have seen the black stains on the rooftops. The black stains are the dead algae that can be found on the top of the shingles. The algae cannot harm your roof but can be more of a cosmetic problem, due to the poorly appearance. This problem can be easily resolved with chemicals that remove the algae and the black stains from the shingles. There are many solutions, like the bleach, soaps, and chemicals. Be sure not to use the pressure washer for cleaning the stains. This way you may damage the roof and loose the roof warranty. Use these types of washers very carefully, because you can eliminate the protective layer of the shingles, causing premature decomposition of your roof.


Moss can be treated in the same way as the black stains. But, remember that moss can seriously damage your roof, not only a cosmetically. Moss causes leaks and water penetration, and to prevent further damages, do the necessary repairs.


There are risks you should know about when cleaning your roof. If you don’t have to proper experience, leave this job to a professional. Cleaning the shingles may be a dangerous job with serious consequences. There are many risks like for example falling from the roof surface. Improper cleaning can damage the shingles and they may lose their protective layer. Walking on the roof surface can break the shingles, so you should be very careful. Some types of cleaning can also damage the vegetation of your garden. With a power washer, you may damage your whole roof. This cleaning job is very delicate and needs to be done by someone with experience. For any concerns and questions, contact us.


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