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Do I need to get a green roof?

Over the last few years, green roofs have seen a rise in popularity, especially in urban areas either commercial or residential buildings. So is there a reason you should get one too?

Energy cost effective

In urban environments, the sun heats up concrete, asphalt and as well roofing materials faster than it heats plants. There is always a presence of hot air, commonly known as urban heat island that is present in urban settings. This layer of hot air keeps cities warmer during the winter, though, but then again in summer time, urban environments get too hot, which means more energy is being used for cooling systems like air conditioner. An average green roof reaches a maximum temperature of 77 degrees F in the summer, while regular roofing materials can get as hot almost as 160 degrees F. This alone could save you up to 70% on cooling bills.

More space

The general idea behind green roof is to have vegetation on your roof, therefore you can grow fruits and vegetables on your roof. You could have children playing up there or have community gardens and terraces for people to hang out.

Green Roof

Less polluted water

Green roofs try to minimize the amount of runoff water during periods of heavy rain, somewhere even up to 75 percent. Also, the quality of water is better because it is being filtered by soil and vegetation.

Fire protection

Green roofs offer better protection from fire and green manufactures follow fire codes, all the way to the local level. Green roofs can handle heat better since they absorb it more than traditional roofs.

Less material waste

Green roofs use less material for installation and most it comes from recycled materials, like crushed bricks. By using recycled materials transport costs are lowered and there is less waste.


If you decide to go for a green roof you could increase the value of your home in the future, of course, as long it is installed properly. Also, energy efficient building attracts investors easier.

Less noise

They can act as a sound buffer, lowering noises coming from the outside, like heavy rains or local factory. Green roof lower noise levels up to 50 decibels.


Extreme temperature variations caused by sun, snow, wind and rain can shorten the life expectancy of a regular roof, which leads to more frequent roof repair and inspections. Since traditional roofs can’t handle heat well, their daily temperature can vary up to 80 degrees F, while green roofs is only up to 25 degrees F on a daily basis.

Final verdict

Do you need a green roof? There are many benefits which include saving energy, lower energy bills, clearer water, better fire protection, the fact that you can grow vegetables and fruits on your roof and noise reduction. If done properly it can even increase the value of your home. If you need any more advice about green roofs or roofing in general then contact your Mesa, AZ roofing company Arizona Roofing Systems Inc. for all your roofing needs. After all, we are here for your roof and you.

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