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Everlasting Shelter: Why Lighting and Roofing Complements A Home


Choosing a color pattern for your roofing element is never easy. Whether installing asphalt shingles, metal, or slate, there are a variety of selections.


For every shingle color selection available, there are an abundant shades and color mixtures. Always remember that buying a new roof is not cheap and will take plenty of time for application.


Also, keep in mind that you will be living with your roof for at least 20 years, so it is best to pick carefully. Here are some ideas to ponder when selecting the appropriate color of your roof.


Light colors? Or dark roof colors?


The color of the roof is a common question asked by many people when it comes to the retention of the heat.


A study was conducted about roofing and concluded that the plywood covering below black shingles resulted to 10 degrees warmer than a sunlit roof with a white shingle. Also, the study found a fewer difference between other roof shades which are brown and gray.


Select the shingles based on the brick

When picking a roofing color, it is important to keep in mind that shutter colors and paint are always replaceable, but the bricks are long-lasting. Begin by comparing a model of shingle colors to the brick, and progress to the siding paint colors.


Compare the materials of roofing to exterior paint colors


If you plan to adjust the exterior color of your household, try comparing the new paint color to the roofing samples or shingles.


Proceed to the near hardware store, purchase a footboard that is 2-by-6 in measurement and paint it using the new color. Now, place the footboard next to the roof materials you are considering and next to the permanent colors on your house.


Compatible color selections add element to your roof


Some of the poor color selection mistakes made on the roof are when the owner of the house chooses a color that closely matches the color of the brick or sidings.


It only results in a lifeless and a dull color design. It is always best to try to harmonize the colors rather than matching them specifically.


View the roofing shingles in every type of light


When utilizing a model roofing material to match or harmonize the exterior colors of your home, look at the shingle model both in the shade and in the sun and see the result.


Place the model shingle in a sunny area where the colors of the bricks meet the siding colors and the paint. Next, wait and examine the same model shingle when shaded, make sure all of the colors of the exterior harmonize in a different kind of designer lighting situation.


Consider the resale worth of your household when selecting a roof


A striking, bright color of the roof may be excellent in your opinion, but it may be not for others.


If you happen to think about selling your house in the future, it is best to opt for a more neutral and safer roofing material to secure your resale value because there are buyers who are very particular when it comes to roofing aspect of the house.


People always tend to have different tastes when it comes to buying a household, that is why selling your home should be carefully thought. But if you plan on staying, a straightforward, vibrant color on a roof can certainly add charm and element to your house.


Safety Tips for Setting Up an Outdoor Light


Select the Correct Ladder


Climbing to the top of your roof will need a correct ladder which should be higher than your roof so that you can effortlessly step onto the roof when needed. For a proper and safer ladder, opt for a ladder which is at least two steps above your roof.


Utilize Quality Electrical Cords


It is best not to opt for electrical cords that are low in quality when it comes to installing lighting for your roof.


Always make sure that the electrical cords you use have sufficient capacity for all the devices you plan to attach to the cords as well as the circuit you are utilizing from your household.


By doing so, you will prevent plug burn out or short circuit issues which are very important in every household.


Why are LED Lights Significant?


LED lights are energy efficient and an economical choice for brightening the roof of your house.


Also, you can plug more LED string lights simultaneously than the incandescent lights, which means you can utilize a smaller number of power sources and a handful of extension cords.


Simple activities to provide roof maintenance



Removal of loose debris


Take off any leaves, branches or other debris that can gather on a roof especially during the winter season. However, safety is a priority, and it is better to do roof maintenance activities during sunny days.


Removal of mold and moss


When you have time, carefully spray a moss remover on your roof and other affected parts. Always follow the exact direction to wait for the solution to do its job and then thoroughly brush the moss and mold away using a broad handheld brush and soft bristled broom.




A majority of people only see a house based on its interior and exterior aspect but never the roof.  It is important to remember that the roofing of every household is essential and a proper roof maintenance is a must for it provides the shade and shelter to your family.


Author’s Bio:

Lisa Jones is a writer and blogger who loves writing about interior design. She is particularly interested in lighting placement and its effects on the beauty of a room. When not writing, Lisa enjoys going to the gym with her friends.