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Replacing your roof in winter

Many individuals decide to have a new roofing system set up in the springtime or the summer months considering that those months are on a regular basis cozy when it comes to a new roofing system. Other people that are planning to change their roof covering choose to install throughout the autumn. Did you ever wonder what happens to the roofing systems that are mounted in the harsh and cool wintertime months?

Roof during winter Mesa

Commonly our clients at Arizona Roofing Systems, roof replacement contractors in Mesa, AZ ask us and also wonder if it is all right to install a new shingle roof throughout winter season when the temperature levels are at freezing. This is specifically worrying for those individuals that do not have a saying, neither a choice in the matter and have to replace their roofing system immediately. Things like extreme warmth, cold, rain, hailstorm, snow, also, the wind could make your roof damaged to the point of replacement. The usual culprit is the rain. Water damages are the most frequent damages. If not discovered promptly and on time they can damage your roofing support structure. It is extremely recommended to inspect your roof regularly so you could avoid costly repair works. Let us be clear, there are no particular sector standards or regulations when it concerns temperatures and also roofing setup for asphalt shingles. Nevertheless, some producers do make suggestions as well as tips. Arizona Roofing Systems installs roofing systems all year around, although, we do pay mindful attention to the weather condition as well. We chose the warmer days for certain sorts of applications.

Despite the fact that asphalt shingles do become fragile and also brittle as the weather temperature level reduces, steps can be utilized to deal with that problem and lessen the damage. If the shingles are kept in a cozy, warm storage and packed before installment, issues can be decreased. We regularly get to hear concerns from residents about whether the self-sealing strips will certainly bond correctly without a warmer day to progress a suitable sealing process. The sun is exceptionally useful in heating just recently set up roof as well as aiding in a sealing procedure. In areas prone to high winds, hand-tabbing could often be advised. For those who do not know, hand-tabbing is a process of applying glue to the underside of shingles throughout the application. This procedure assists in maintaining the tiles established as well as in place when required till the hotter weather allows the bolt to set as it should.

When you choose the date to replace your roof, our team is prepared to offer direction as well as support while doing so to get the best result imaginable. Understanding that knowledgeable and skilled specialists work on your roof offers included protection as well as peace of mind.

If something unforeseen happens to your roofing system, you know that you can call your local roofer for optimal service. As we said, we change roofs throughout the whole year so do not wait to give us a call.