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What to do when you need to climb your roof


According to Arizona Roofing Systems, Mesa, Az roof repair contractors every homeowner needs to deal with repairs from time to time if they care about their home. Sometimes it can be broken screen door or the leaky faucet or even plumbing, but sometimes it can be a leaky roof. It is vital to keep in mind that some problems can be solved with a little DIY and that there are problems which are better to leave to the professionals. When roofing system repair is in question, it is always important to think about the safety. Every roofing contractor will advise their clients to give them a call if their roof requires any service. After all, roofing professionals have specialized training and equipment which helps them to stay safe at any given moment. If you don’t have any other choice than to climb your roofing system, we will offer you some much-needed tips on how to stay safe.

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  • Be careful what you wear on your feet. It is vital to have proper footwear. You can purchase great work boots at almost any home improvement store. Make sure that they have rubber soles. Having rubber soles is important when working with any electrical tools or equipment.
  • Look up at the sky because the weather is extremely important. If your roofing system’s surface is wet, don’t even consider climbing it. It is very easy to slip and fall. High wind or extreme heat can also affect you and your roofing system. Dehydration can lead you to poor balance and judgment, and it might not end up well.
  • Secure your ladders! Ladders need to be positioned on even ground at all times.
  • Keep your surroundings clean. Maintain the area and clear any debris from time to time so that you have a minimal number of objects and obstacles around you.
  • Organize yourself. Before you even begin the work, you should know what tools and equipment you will need. Minimize the number of the trips up and down the ladders and only bring with you what you will need at that time.
  • Do not work alone. You should have at least one person present there to hold your ladders and hand you the needed tools or equipment. They can even bring you much needed water and food up on the roof and in the event of an accident, you won’t be alone there.
  • Use safety harness. If you need to climb up on the pitched roof, you need to have a safety harness at all times. Tie it down to a strong object that can quickly and safely hold your weight if you slip and fall.
  • Safety glasses and a hard hat. We don’t need to explain the importance of this.
  • Be focused on what you do. Your mind needs to be there and focused on the job. One moment of absence can lead to an accident.

So that would be it. If you find yourself in a situation that you have to perform any repairs on your roof, be sure that you follow all the instructions we have listed above. If you don’t feel confident enough climbing the roof, you can always call your Arizona Roofing Systems roofing contractor in Mesa, AZ. We are always here for you and your roof.