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How to choose the right shape of the roof?

When it comes to the process of building a house there are many components that people should pay attention to. One of them is choosing the right type of roof. There are various types of roof shapes between which you can choose. The most popular ones are a hip roof, flat roof, conical roof, gable roof, gambrel roof etc. These are playing a major role when it comes to defining a style of the house. To make your decision easier continue reading the text below and find the type of the roof which suits your home the best.

Which are the most popular types of roofs?

One of the most recognized types of the roof is definitely the hip roof. This kind of roof is common for areas with the high wind. Usually, hip roofs are a good choice because of their durability and puissance whatever the weather conditions are.

On the other side, gable or saddle roofs are not ideal for areas with high winds but can easily withstand water and snow. Also, if there is a risk of a hurricane, it is better not to install the saddle roof because this kind of storm can easily detach roof from the walls. Usually, these are recognized by their triangular shape (looking like an inverted ‘’V’’).


Flat roofs exist all over the world and are the most simple to build. These are used both, for commercial and residential roofing. In places, with a warmer climate, flat roofs are simply built out of concrete, the materials with the high ability to keeping out the heat. However, it’s not recommended to build them in the areas with high percentage of precipitation because then they can cause leaking and destroy not only a roof but also the whole structure of the house.

For providing more space in the attic there is gambrel type of roofing. Gambrel roofs are symmetrical two-sided roofs with two slopes on each side mostly used on barns. The disadvantage of gambrel roofs is that they can’t be built in high wind and snowfall areas because their open design can cause roof collapse under an extreme pressure.


Mansard roofs are also kind of roof which is creating the extra living space. Lately, it’s popular to use that space whether as a full attic or living quarters. The price for this type of roof is a bit higher than any other mentioned above because of lot details that go into them.


In the old, historic buildings isn’t strange meet conical type of roofing. Namely, conical roofs are mostly used in medieval towns, especially for the towers of a castle. Today, it’s less likely to use this style, especially when it comes to residential roofing. But who knows, maybe you’re considering the idea of building some kind of castle for you and your family.

In the end, those are the most frequent roofs in use. Many types of roofs exist but they weren’t mentioned earlier in the article. If you have a specific roof in mind that interests you, give your reliable Mesa, Arizona’s roofing contractor – Arizona Roofing Systems Inc. a call!