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Contractors Promise Free Roof Replacements in Storm-Hit Areas

During hailstorm season, the last thing you should worry about are scammers that go door to door trying to offer “quick and cheap” roof repairs that will not cost you a dime because it will all be covered by your insurance. Hmmm, seems weird? Well it is.

After every storm, shady roofing contractors pop out like mushrooms after a rain, trying to trick homeowners into agreeing to a job they might not even need or might not be covered for. No matter how genuine they look, it is important to stay alert and keep an eye on the possible signs that tell you are dealing with a shady roofing contractor. We’re going to go through a few common scenarios to clear out any confusion.

  1. Contractors: Want to Take a Quick Look at Your Roof

    You: Should Decline

Although at a first glance, there is nothing wrong with this request, but a dishonest contractor may cause even more harm to your roof by taking “a look at it”. You ask why? Well, they need to cause some damage in order to land the job. When an insurance representative from your company stops by to take a look, they will know the difference from actual damage and manmade damage. And since you only have coverage for storm damage, you will have to pay from your pocket to fix the manmade damage. So leave the roof inspection to your insurance company.

  1. Contractors: Insist on Starting Work Right Away

    You: Should Research, Not Rush

Your new contractor wants to begin working right away and worry about insurance details later, and all you need to do to begin work is to sign. Well not so fast, you haven’t been in touch with your insurance company, you don’t have any information about your “new” roofers or even had the time to read the “contract”. If you end up in a situation like this, it is important to do ask for roofers references and contact your insurance company to check them out.

  1. Contractors: Say Your Insurance Company Will Pay the Entire Cost of a New Roof

    You: Need to Hear This From Your Carrier, Not a Contractor

It’s a bit weird that a contractor has more info about the specifics of your policy than your insurance company. That is why it is extremely important to start with your insurance company when facing possible roof repairs made by a hail storm. That way you know what is covered and what you need to pay from your own pocket.

5 short tips for dealing with a Roofing Contractor

Don’t hesitate to ask for contractor’s license number and insurance information. Maybe even writing down the license plate and driver’s license number

If you allow unfamiliar contractors to inspect your roof, be sure to supervise them. Or even better, don’t let them onto your roof at all.

Be especially wary of contractors who say replacing is “free” and without a cost.
Never sign a contract with blanks spots. Get everything in writing: Cost, scope of work, time frame, guarantees, payment schedule and other expectations.
Never sign a contract with blanks spots. Get everything in writing: cost, scope of work, time frame, guarantees, payment schedule and other expectations.

Finally, one last warning: Roof scam technique can be applied on windows as well, so be wary.

This whole article might be a bit frightening, but just be aware of some possible scenarios you may encounter, so you can protect yourself. Also this doesn’t apply to all roofing companies, just few, therefore always work with the best and you know that we at Arizona Roofing Systems Inc. are one of the best in Mesa, Arizona. Contact us if you need any help with your roof.