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How to save money with solar panels?

Solar systems can be divided into three main categories: small, medium and large production systems. Firs two mentioned are usually under the power of 2000 watts and according to that are usually much cheaper. The large production systems are for those who want to power the whole house with the energy collected by solar panels.  Before talking about saving money, it’s important to understand that solar panels aren’t the only one helping the solar system work properly. Besides solar panels, the solar systems consists of the controller, battery, and inverter. If you want to have a cost-effective solar system on your roof, please continue reading.

Check your roof before installing solar panels

Arizona Roofing Systems, Mesa roof repair contractor says that checking the roof before installing solar panels is very important. You really don’t want to install expensive solar panels on a damaged roof. So, if the roof system needs renovation it is better to do it before installing solar panels on it. Because there may be major complications since you’ll have to disconnect the panels from a damaged roof. Without a proper roof, there is a big chance to blemish new solar panels. According to that, you’ll have to pay a way more money than initially expected to.

When it comes to saving money with solar panels, pay attention to the weather conditions in your region.  If there is not a lot of sunlight, maybe you should consider the idea of installing small or medium solar systems. Namely, these aren’t able to power your whole house but still can reduce energy bills leastways during sunny days. On the other side, installing a large solar system is recommended for people who are living in warmer regions. Suitably sunlit roof will last over 25 years if it’s sustained regularly. Typically, it takes 5 years to repay a loan after installation, which means that you’re able to have free energy for over 20 years.


Considering an idea of buying your own solar system?

Furthermore, it’s important for every household to analyze benefits of solar systems they’ll use. You can choose between buying your own system or using a solar system by leasing from another company. If you decide to lease, then you’ll pay the company a certain amount of money for the electricity produced and they have the ability to take the system away when the lease is up. There is no space for that kind of problem if you decide to buy your own systems which will surely keep working long after you pay off the expenditure of the purchase. Although, make sure that you make a proper calculation between these two methods. Sometimes the total cost and savings from leasing will make you more benefits than owning a solar system. As said previously, a solar system is not only about panels there’re others electronic component to keep in mind. So, when you are making the financial analysis don’t forget that you may replace these more often than solar panels. Power inventor and battery has a way shorter lifespan than solar panels.

If you have any further questions about solar panels, how to install them or if you want to find out if your roof needs repair before installing them, contact your most trusted roofing contractor Arizona Roofing Systems from Mesa, AZ.