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All you need to know about TPO roofing systems

Why you should consider TPO roofing systems

If you’ve been thinking about a great roofing system for some time, you’ve most certainly stumbled upon the term “TPO,” which is short for Thermoplastic polyolefin. Among the fastest growing roofing systems around, white thermoplastic membrane layer offers lowered cooling expenses and energy cost savings for property’s located in warm environments. White or light-colored polycarbonate roof covering membrane layers showcase remarkable tensile stamina and strength with a high degree of puncture resistance and exceptional solar reflectivity. White TPO is a sturdy, cost-efficient as well as flexible option for both re-roofing projects as well as brand-new roofing system installment, and with almost no need for upkeep requirements, white TPO simply might be the ideal option for your property.

Eco-friendly Benefits

When the roof is cooler– naturally, the inside of your structure remains cooler. White TPO mirrors extreme sunrays rather than absorbing them so you will spend less money maintaining your property cool throughout hot summer season. White TPO meets and usually exceeds the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR specifications. Along with power savings, TPO is 100 % recyclable. As a bonus offer, TPO’s combo of green advantages can also help you meet your LEED point objectives.


Wide-width TPO membrane produces a smoother as well as cleaner roofing surface area than various other kinds of roofing systems, that makes it much more efficient at withstanding dust and also all kinds of debris. Installing wider membranes likewise shortens installation time. TPO can be mechanically installed or completely adhered, yet heat welding generates an impenetrable surface for superior seam strength, improved wind uplift resistance and also the best leakage protection around.

Thicker is Better

When considering a white TPO membrane layer roofing, bear in mind that thicker is better. Polycarbonate membrane is readily available in densities ranging from 80mil to 45mil. You’ll pay a little much more for the thicker layer, however compare it to applying sunscreen before you go outside and have a fun in the sunlight. A slim layer shields– but a thick layer supplies a strong, thick guard that obstructs nearly all UV rays. Selecting thicker TPO is a financial investment in the life as well as the value of your property. It is true that you will have to pay a little bit more but a higher first price fades in comparison to the power and also damage-repair cost savings you’ll realize during the lifespan of your roof.

Locating a Quality TPO Contractor

Arizona Roofing Systems Inc. could mount all significant brands of TPO. It’s necessary that you colaborate with an educated and professional roofing contractor since inappropriate welding is a typical cause of thermoplastic membrane layer failing and it usually leads to leaks. Qualified professionals will certainly posess manufacturers credentials and certifications, allowing you to know who the producers of the roofing material trust to install their products. Arizona Roofing Systems Inc., Mesa’s, AZ roofing contractor is not just accredited to set up all major brands, every year we get leading honors for being just one of one of the most professional roof business in the country.


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