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Our team is looking for reinforcement! As temperatures rise here in Arizona, we seek aspiring writers for our blog. So, all amateur or professional home designers, DIY lovers, green improvement enthusiasts-  join us! Arizona Roofing Systems craves for originality!

Why we want our readers writing

With all due respect to our professional writers here on AZ website, we want to hear our audience! Our readers all over Arizona have plenty of experience that they want to share but have nowhere they can do so. We decided to give them their voice and hear what they have to say. Even though our professional roofers will continue to write solid content, we welcome our new guest writers!

Why you should write for us

Writing for us give you many benefits. First of all, you finally get to share your knowledge with people who are just as interested in roofing and home design as you are. Secondly, you can learn a lot through collaborating with us and last but not least- this can be your platform through which you can then develop your audience.

Rules to follow

Although we want everyone to appear on our website, there are certain rules that writers have to follow. This makes it easier for us to evaluate your article  and you to write it, so check out these guidelines

  • We accept just and only original content of yours. No copied ideas or stolen text will be accepted.
  • We love simple texts which are easy to follow so make sure you add headings and divide the text into sections. Don’t cross the limit of 1000 words and try not to write less than 300 words.
  • You can choose whichever topic you want as long as it’s related to home design, roofing, and home improvement. Consider writing about green building and sustainable homes, DIY projects or innovative roofing techniques.
  • You have the freedom to put in one external link in your article. Be sure that link doesn’t appear fake and promotive and that it is related to your topic.
  • Pictures have to be your own and royalty-free or for commercial use with an added credit.
  • To ensure the quality of our content, we reserve our right to edit your article. We probably won’t make enormous changes, but we will adjust your work to out website.
  • Arizona Roofing Systems doesn’t pay to guest writers. However, keep in mind that you will be able to share your valuable knowledge and interests as well as gather your own audience here on our site.

We hope we convinced you to submit your work! We are looking forward to selection process and final publishing of your work,

Your Arizona Roofing Systems, team! Your finished work, send as Word document to our email!

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