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Tips on how to treat your roof

Taking a proper care for your roof

Usually, a great deal of roof damage is caused by a severe weather like rain, high winds, hail and flying debris. Another damage originates from human actions and errors. When it comes to the roof, there are things every homeowner should and should not do. In this article, we will talk about human mistakes and the things and actions that can harm your roof.

1. You don’t clean your gutters regularly

The job of your gutters is to lead the water down to the ground from your roof. Water will spill over the edge, and it will end up on your walls if gutters get clogged. This can severely damage your walls and even your foundations, leaving you with costly damage to be mended. Water can likewise end up under your roof where it can rot your roof structure.

2. Not trimming down the branches looming over the roof

The Wind can easily lift heavy debris and leave it on your roof. All of this can allow water to leak under the tiles and shingles , and it can cause that kind of damage that will require a total replacement of the roof. Next rain will pull down all that debris down to gutters which may result from you to action # 1 on this list.

3. Working with a pressure washer

Pressure washer seems like an ideal tool for cleaning your roof. Shooting water at great speed and pressure will surely clean your roof. But keep in mind that if you use it frequently, the sheer sheer power of the pressure washer can quickly erode your roof.

4. Removing singles trying to find a leak

Removing your shingles to search for leaks will cause more damage, and it will just create additional leaks. Avoid walking on your roofing system if you really don’t have to. Besides the risk of injuring yourself by falling off your roof, there is the damage that can happen to your roof, damage which can create gaps and open up a way for potential leaks.

5. Mounting solar panels

Although solar panels are money and energy conserving, they can also damage your roof. When installing solar panels, ask the provider to mount the panels that have invisible brackets. By doing this, you can avoid any harm to your roofing system.

6. DIY

Just walking on your roof can damage it. If you spot any issues with your roof, and you aren’t sure what you should do to fix it, you can always contact your local roofing contractor in Mesa, AZ – Arizona Roofing Systems to solve all your problems.

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