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Connection between chimney and roof leaks

If you have a leak in your home, chances are that the cause lies in the chimney. Things like cracked cement, aging caulk or problems with flashing can lead to the leak caused by a faulty chimney. Chimneys are part of the roofing systems that cause most of the trouble when you have a leaking roof. Chimneys tend to generate crevices and cracks that allow water to seep slowly in and flow underneath them. If you leave that problem unaddressed, it can lead to significant problems such as gas hazard, insect infestation, water damage and growth of mold which can severely damage your health. The chimney should be inspected during wet months when it is raining most often. Spring, summer or fall months are the best time to arrange chimney and roofing system inspection with your local roofing contractor. It’s important that you treat your roof properly.

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Leaking chimney

  • Chimney cap – A damaged or missing chimney cap is often the primary reason why your roofing system is leaking. A chimney cap is there to prevent debris and birds to enter your chimney as well as snow and rain. If you don’t have a chimney cap, you should buy one and install it. If you have a chimney cap, inspect it to see whether it has any cracks or signs of damage. You should check your chimney cap as soon as possible because replacing a chimney cap is much cheaper than repairing significant damages caused by a damaged chimney.
  • Chimney crown – Chimney crown is usually made out of concrete. The thing about concrete is that it shrinks, cracks and wears as the time passes. Water will fill in the small cracks, and when it freezes, it will expand and create a much bigger crack. You might be able to fill in those cracks by yourself if they are not too big. If you notice that the cracks are big and if there are many of them around your chimney, contact your roofing contractor because the problem like that requires a professional.
  • Flashing – Flashing is located at the base when it comes to chimneys. It is a place where roofing material meets the brick. If flashing is not properly positioned and connected during the installation, or the caulking or sealant fails, you might end up with a leak. It is critical to correctly place the layers of the flashing material if you want a good performance. If caught early, you can avoid replacing flashing by resealing it or repairing
  • Bricks – As time passes, water will seep into the mortar and bricks. There are bricks which can become soft when they absorb water. When water freezes, it expands and it can shatterbricks. Your local roofing contractor can replace damaged mortar, stone and bricks and he can recommend you best chimney sealant available.
  • Chimney liner – From time to time, gas fumes that are rising through your chimney will build up condensation. If the chimney liner doesn’t fit correctly or if it has developed holes or corroded over time, fumes willcondensate and generate moisture.

Leaks are not that uncommon in residential properties. If your chimney wasn’t inspected in some time, you should contact your Mesa, AZ roof repair company Arizona Roofing Systems and arrange an inspection today before rainy days knock on your door.