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Most common mistakes a rookie contractor makes

When you need a roof and you are looking around for a roofing expert, then everyone you ask for help is a “roofing expert” but the trick is to find the best one for you. So be on a lookout when searching for a company to replace or fix your roof.

Experience means a lot, that is the biggest truth when it comes to roofing.

Maximizing the lifespan of your new roof depends on both quality materials and people applying them. It is important you carefully screen roofing contractors to make sure they check out in order to be able to install your new roof.

Today, we are going discuss some common mistakes inexperienced roofers can make that eventually may lead to damage to your home, shorter lifespan of your roof and in the end, leave you unhappy with the final product.

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Mismatched shingles

Asphalt shingles used for roofing are made in batches; roofers who don’t use a consistent dealer can end up using mismatched shingles that come from different suppliers. To avoid this problem, you just need to make sure your contractor is using the same supplier for the entire project

Layers of shingles

Although it isn’t mandatory everywhere, it is advised that old shingles are torn off from the roof before new ones are applied. Even if your municipality allows a new layer of shingles to be installed over an old roof, it’s still the best to remove the old shingles before installing new ones. Tearing the old ones first allows your contractor to inspect the roof deck for possible fragile spots. In addition, new layer on top of the old one can add more unnecessary weight to your home’s walls and roof structure.

Incorrect roof installation

It is important to follow roofing manufacture’s regulations when it comes to installing a new roof, such as number of nails per shingle etc. Things like that can determine if the roofing manufacturer is going to stand behind their warranty.

Forgetting about the attic

Attic is an important part of the entire system, made out of many components. Correct attic ventilation is a necessity. Lacking it means your shingles might wear out sooner than expected, your insulation can be ruined and your energy bills can plummet.

Neglecting the roofing permit

Usually, a permit is needed in order to install a new roof and the homeowner is held liable for failure to obtain a permit. In case it is found out there is no permit, it can lead to fined, forced removal of the new roof or your insurance company refusing to ensure the roof.

Insufficient contractor insurance

In case of property damage while project is still going on or a worker gets injured, homeowner can be left paying for it if the contractor doesn’t carry enough insurance to pay for the damages. An experienced and well known roofing company will provide documentation of their insurance policy and their insurance company will confirm that they are insured for the amount they claim.

Roof flashing used again

Flashing is metal that helps to protect your roof from water intrusion.  Flashing is used to suspend the flow of water from getting inside your home instead of allowing the boards underneath your roof to absorb it. There are cases where roofers re-use flashing. While it looks like cost saving, it is foolish, compared to the rest of the roof, a new flashing is a minor expense.

We know this post probably scared and frightened you, but don’t worry, we got you covered. We have plenty of experience when roofs in Arizona are in question. Give us a call or visit your most dependable roofing contractor in Mesa – Arizona Roofing Systems to find out what we could do for your roof.