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Some of the Best Trends in Construction Industry

The construction industry has seen many new developments in the passing year, which has helped it become more in tune with the modern times. Lately, it has been all about saving time and money, working more efficiently without lessening the quality of the project and the result. Collaborative methods, such as design-build, and modular construction have shown great potential and proved to be among the best time-saving and cost-effective trends in construction.

Collaborative Project Delivery

This year has seen a rise in and a bigger need for collaboration among the team on and off the job site. It is becoming increasingly important for all the participants in the project to cooperate more and better in order to be generally more efficient. Some of the most cited methods of collaborative project delivery that are taking hold and changing the industry are design-build, integrated project delivery, and public-private partnerships.
The design-build project delivery method is one that brings together two aspects of the project that were previously dealt with separately – design and construction. Designing, planning and creating plans and specifications for the building is all done before the construction phase, before the beginning of the project, by a hired architect. When all of that is done, the construction can begin according to the plans and designs. Now, the main difference with this new work method is that the client/owner doesn’t have to first hire an architect for the first part of the project, and then look for a contractor who will accept those plans and the price. These two aspects are now brought together in one collaborative method and team. This way, the process can run more smoothly, the coordination is easier, and everything is done more efficiently.
When the team is made up of both architects and contractors, it saves a lot of time, because the construction process can begin even before the entire design is laid and worked out to a tee. When the needed plans and specifications are done, contractors can start building, and the architects and designers can work out the details such as color or the hinges on the doors later on.

Modular Construction

This method of building has been around for some time, but it has only recently seen a rise in popularity. It is also referred to as off-site construction or prefabricated construction. It is suitable for nearly any commercial building, such as schools, hospitals or hotels, as well as residential buildings and homes.
Modular buildings are constructed off-site, on a different location than where it will eventually be, and then assembled on the designated site. What attracts owners and contractors to this method, is that it looks just as good as onsite constructed buildings, and, more importantly, it is completed faster and on a smaller budget. Moreover, the construction is done in a controlled environment, which makes it safer and decreases the number of workplace injuries, as well as the possibility of them. Additionally, the buildings are just as strong, or even stronger than the traditionally built ones, and the cost of material is lower. With all of these benefits of modular construction, what more can you ask for? If your answer is: great customer service, don’t hesitate to contact Arizona Roofing Systems, a roofing contractor in Mesa, Arizona – we will do our best to help you!