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How Mesa became the town we all love today

The story of Mesa starts with mysterious Indians. History and story of Mesa go back to almost two thousand years ago. Mysterious Indians in question are Hohokam Indians and their name could be translated to „Departed Ones“.  Hohokam Indians built the canal irrigation system over 125 miles long which are still used to this day and because of that canal, Mesa is still standing tall.

There were many explorers that came to Arizona between 1500 and 1600. Apache Indians fought with Spanish and drove them away during the 1700’s. Then in 1800’s United States Army fought with that same Apaches and that led to the growth of white settlements in this area. First, Mesa Company that left Idaho and Utah in 1877 comprised of about 85 members. They came to the area where Mesa is located today and began cleaning the canals that Hohokam Indians built. To this day, historians are somewhat confused about the early name of Mesa, mainly since the Post Office used a couple of different ones. Nonetheless, the town was always known as Mesa City. Post Office thought that name Mesa was a bad choice since it might have been confused with Mesaville which was located on the San Pedro River but in 1899 city was officially named Mesa City. The city of Mesa was one of the first cities in Arizona that utilized electric power plant. Then during the World War II Williams Air Force Base and Falcon Field Airport were built. These air bases provided much-needed training for pilots. Williams base provided training for United States pilots, and Falcon Field was used by British Royal Air Force. Many of those pilots decided to stay with their families in Mesa after once the war was over. In the late 1940’s air conditioning was already in common use and that also lead to the growth of tourism which was the major force at that time. In years that followed in 1950’s led to even more growth in economy and commerce mainly because of the early aerospace companies. In decades that followed up to 1990’s resulted in even more high-technology firms establishing in Mesa . Today, that number is over 100 high-technology companies. During the 1990’s Mesa had the highest growth compared to any other city with a population over 100, 000 in the U.S. Population grew by almost 90% in just a decade. The population of Mesa steadily grows with each year that passes. Mild winter climate, a strong economy, and beautiful environment attract more and more people from each part of the country. All of that is the reason present-day Mesa is ranked as a 46th biggest city in the U.S. and third in Arizona.

There is no doubt that Mesa is the city with rich and colorful past, stable present and bright future, a city that became something early settlers and pioneers always wanted it to be. We at Mesa roofing Arizona Roofing Systems company are honored that we can offer our services to great people in Mesa, Arizona. We are here for you, your home and your roof.

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