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How to prolong the life cycle of your roof?

Whether you’re investing in a car, house or some other expensive thing it’s assumed that you want them to last as much as possible. The same is when it comes to the roof. One of the most important factors for the longevity of your roof is definitely the material used and the installation of picked material. Maybe you’re not planning to build a new house but only buy an existing one on the market. In that case have a reliable roofer in standby and try to find out when the roofing system was installed.


How to maintenance your roofing system properly?

Furthermore, with the proper maintenance you can expand the lifetime of your roof. It’s recommended to inspect a roof at least once or twice a year. Proper maintenance will help you to prevent common problems such as leaks, shrinkage, surface erosion, premature roofing failures and others.  Gutters, as a main part of the roof must be clean so that water can easily flow through it. These can be blocked by the debris which can allow the water to ruin not only roofing system but also the entire house!  Besides gutters, pay attention to the attic. Inadequate attic ventilation can often block the space between the rafters causing leakage, animal infestations and many other problems. During the summer shingles become fragile because of the UV rays and the sun. On the other side, during the winter there can be problems caused by moisture. Although, with good insulation all these problems can be solved.  If you’re not sure how to inspect a roofing system by yourself contact a professional roofer who will help you to do the job correctly. There are many licensed roofers you can hire to inspect and check your roofing system through the whole year. Repairing roof is not free, so don’t delay the maintenance, it will save you a lot of money and time.


Which materials will prolong your roof life?

As mentioned previously the crucial factor for the lifetime of a roofing system is definitely the material used being used. Metal and or tile shingles have been recognized as a long term materials. These are more expensive than asphalt shingles, but are for sure cost-effective. Clay tile is also a long lasting material which needs low to zero maintenance and is more characteristic for warmer regions. If you’re more into wood materials, then you have to be aware that there is a lot more to take care off than on the others materials. Also, wood shingles are short lasting.

After you have chosen the right material, for the durability of your roof there is one more important thing to pay attention to and that is the installation. For various materials there are different rules for the installation process but if you’re not going to do this by yourself, call your number one roofing company in Mesa, Arizona Roofing Systems Inc., and enjoy the sight while your roof is getting installed.